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we’re creative.

We are designers with artistic abilities bursting at the seams! We love to share our abilities with our clients by creating them original designs to make their brands stand out from their competitors. We can’t wait to share some of our creativity with you on your next project!

we’re fun!

We get a lot of our inspiration for our creativity from stuff we love which include various items, people or dogs we surround ourselves with!

we have a tea problem.

Tea time helps to break up the work day so we can step away from our projects. When we go back to our projects that small break usually helps rejuvenate our creative juices so you as the client will receive greater results. Is that really a tea problem?

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about us

Kaffcorp Media, a St. Louis-based design firm that was founded by Erin Kaffenberger to provide original, impactful print and web designs for small and medium-sized businesses. We specialize in print design, web design, and marketing for small-and-medium sized businesses. Our goal is to create affordable designs with elegance and style for all types of industries. Kaffcorp Media places extreme focus on the originality and artistic nature of our deliverables. Whether you are trying to freshen up your corporate image with a new logo, business card and vehicle wraps or you are a startup and you need guidance with branding and design, Kaffcorp Media is uniquely prepared to help. The success of Kaffcorp Media comes from our unrelenting attention to the design aspects of the solution and our customers’ complete satisfaction. Your brand is your reputation and Kaffcorp Media would appreciate the opportunity to create elegant and contemporary designs for your business.

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