Direct Mail: Different strokes for different folks!

I have a strange confession to make, I have an affinity for the United States Postal Service. The first postal services were invented thousands of years ago. It is one of the true benchmarks of a civilized society. As you can tell, years of managing direct mail campaigns have only made me grow fonder for the obsolete technology now called “snail mail.”

While so many “digital agencies” scoff at such low brow advertising, it is still the best way to insure your ad lands in the hands of your consumer. Nothing is more efficient and effective in putting your business in front of your consumers.

So here are a few small business advertising scenarios of how you can use the good old fashioned post office to increase sales, possibly save money and communicate with your customers.

  1. Targeting a geographic area. Are you opening a new brick and mortar location? Do you need customers to walk in your doors? You can mail to every residence in any given radius of your location to drive traffic and awareness of your business.
  2. Communicating with a specific target. You may have a specialized product or service for a specific group of people. Or you may want to communicate with existing customers generating repeat business (provided you have their addresses). Direct mail can put your loyalty reward offer in those customers hands. And they will return again and again…
  3. Saving you some bucks. Does your business regularly mail over 200 of the same form, letter, postcard on a regular basis? If so, are you using the benefits of the bulk standard rate? If you are mailing more than 200 pieces of mail your mailing may qualify for bulk rate postage. With a little planning and advice, instead of paying first class postage, you could be saving over 50% on your postage costs, the single biggest expense in mailing an item. And you could save much more if you are a not-for-profit organization.

This is just a brief introduction of some of the solutions direct mail can do for your small business advertising plans.